I don’t struggle with fear of man

For most of my life I’ve been a leader. When I was in 1st grade I couldn’t find matching socks to wear to school, and ended up creating a new fashion trend with… Continue reading

You want to see something that will move you?

My kids have been watching these videos every day. I watch them too, and they bring me to tears almost every time. The imagery is so powerful, and this guy is crazy talented.… Continue reading


I have been struggling a lot with my kids. This is not a rag on my kids, they aren’t any crazier than the next one! It’s on me, I know that. But in… Continue reading

How to be a Good Mom

This past month I’ve struggled a lot in my motherhood. I’ve been frustrated a lot. I’ve been exhausted. I’ve been completely overwhelmed. I’ve felt like a bad mom, and then felt guilty for… Continue reading

The Perfect Muffins

Yesterday I made some muffins. And I think they’re pretty much perfect. They’re very mild, but the tweaking and enhancing possibilities are endless! Plus I don’t feel a bit of guilt about feeding… Continue reading

Love vs. Obedience

This morning I read this passage and it’s really reshaping some foundational thinking for me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t normally think like this. It’s just another example of how… Continue reading

The Sweet Commands of God

I know this is another quote, but it is too good to NOT share. It’s absolutely, incredibly encouraging. God is for us. Wow. “If, by God’s grace, you are assured that God is… Continue reading

The Fierce Fruit of Self-Control

“As the Hebrews were promised the land, but had to take it by force, one town at a time, so we are promised the gift of self-control, yet we also must take it… Continue reading

do you really believe in the greatness of God?

Because up until about two weeks ago, I didn’t. I thought I did. And I suppose to some degree, I did. But how limited and small was my view of that greatness!! This… Continue reading

Kale Chips {perfected}

This post was made entirely possible by a sweet friend who brought me kale all the way from Dubai to my little town, which does not sell kale. Thanks, HyunJoo, you’re the best!!… Continue reading